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Dear Calvary Church Family,

In response to recent events locally as well as at the state level we (the official board at Calvary) ask that you continue to exercise caution in your daily choices and actions.

We ask that you continue to wear a mask when possible, especially when attending church services.


Please make sure you are practicing good hygiene and hand washing.


If you are not feeling well, have a fever, or a cough we ask that you would remain at home.


If you are uncomfortable attending a church service at this time please feel free to stay at home.


If you are unable to attend for any reason the live stream of the service is available on our Facebook page or through our zoom call.


Services are also available on the church website at


The zoom information is available in our weekly bulletin which is sent out via email.


If you are not receiving that email and would like to please send an email to                    


Posted on 7/17/20

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