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Awana Team Organization: 
The Awana Ministry Team approach is intended to improve Calvary's disciple making process.  Sharing the work of ministry benefits everyone.  The team consists of a ministry team leader, an Awana teacher/listen.helper, a Prayer team member, and a family contact team member.  It promotes fellowship, discipleship, and evangelism by modeling the priorities of Christ.
Ministry Team Leader: 
The leader is responsible to plan and lead the team's meetings.  The team leader's focus is on the spiritual and emotional health of the team and the families under their care.   
The teacher/leader/helper knows the kids first person. 
They know the needs of kids and will provide current information of the club.   
The prayer team member prioritizes the needs of the team.  The prayer team member also prays for the kids and families. This team position would involve a commitment to pray daily for the team as well as for the kids and family. 
Family Contact leader:  
 The focus of this team member is to engage with the family.  This is a much needed and very important part of the team.  

Awana Ministry Team Skit

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