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Dear AWANA family,


This letter summarizes the various aspects of our typical evening at AWANA and how we have planned to create the safest environment possible for our clubbers. 




As you arrive at the church please use the western driveway to enter the church property (the one closer to Highland Ave). Continue to drive around the church to the carport on the eastern side of the building. This will allow us to que as many vehicles as safely as possible, while providing protection from the weather under the carport to exit the vehicle. Parents and clubbers are to remain in the vehicle until the clubbers are given the ok to enter the church. Once the clubber has been released to enter the building, a leader will escort them into the carport entrance where their attendance will be added to the roll and their dues will be collected. Another leader will then escort the Sparks and T&T clubbers to the main sanctuary where they will eagerly await the commander’s evening kickoff.  Cubbies will be escorted to the Cubbie room to join their leaders there. Please note that we are attempting to limit entrance to the building as much as possible, so we are asking parents to remain in their vehicles during the drop-off.




The opening will take place in the sanctuary to offer more structure and area to accommodate social distance when needed.  T&T will be seated on one side of the sanctuary while the Sparks will be seated on the other.  Leaders will be in the sanctuary ready to receive the clubbers as they arrive from the Drop-Off process. The commander (or a chosen leader) will kick the evening off and dismiss the clubbers to their first activity.  Cubbies will do their opening in the Cubbie room.


Council Time


Sparks will be seated on the same side where they began the night during the Opening.  T&T will also be seated where they were for the Opening.   Cubbies will be continuing to generally do their council time in their room.


Handbook Time


T&T handbook time will take place in the sanctuary.  The age groups will spread out around the sanctuary and will practice and say verses.  The Sparks will continue to use the rooms similar to previous years.  Cubbies will complete Handbook time as in years previous in the Cubbie room.  


Game Time


Game time for all clubbers will be held in the basement.




Clubbers will be brought to the basement AWANA circle area and organized by group.  Parents will pull their cars up to the lower basement door at the rear of the church.  Please note that the traffic pattern will be reversed from that of the Drop-Off time to allow for additional car stacking.  Cars will enter at the entrance nearer to Delaware Avenue (the eastern entrance), drive through the carport and continue to the basement door at the rear of the building to pick-up their child(ren), including all T&T, Sparks, and Cubbies.  When the vehicle pulls up to the door a leader will let the child(ren) know their parents have arrived and the leader will then return the child(ren) to the parent/guardian.




To help expedite the first weeks of AWANA we ask that you take the time to complete an online registration form which can be found at the following location:






Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at (724) 654-7394 or by emailing us at



In His Service,

The AWANA Volunteers of Calvary Independent Church

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